Mixed Up

CASE  B8-103035    DATE 11-2-18

WALMART located at N 27 reported a fraud and provided video to police of this guy.  They report he entered the store and went to the boys section, where he then pulled a tag off of a clearance item and placed it on another item.  He then went to the self check out and rang up a coat for the clearance price.  When confronted, he refused to go back into the store, but the items were taken back. He shoved the clerk, and took the rest of his items.  If you know him, leave a tip here.

Raiding Wallets

CASE  B8-101024    DATE  10-27-18

Victim reported that while at Kwik Shop located at Cotner/Holdrege, she left her wallet near the pop machine and when she returned her wallet was gone.  Video was provided to police that showed these three, and the female in the Raider’s hoodie, showing the guys the victim’s wallet. The male with the blue hoodie, then puts the wallet inside of his hoodie.  They left in this red vehicle.  If you think you know them, leave a tip,  here!

Tools Tools

CASE  B8-103921    DATE  11-2-18 to 11-5-18

NEBRASKA CATTLEMEN ASSOC reported a larceny and provided video to police of these two.  They forced entry into a locked trailer on a construction site near the 4600 block of Discovery Rd.  Once inside, they removed an air compressor, generator, ladders, other items and hand made tools.  Total loss was $1415 from the trailer.  If you know who they are, leave a tip Here!!