iSpy an iPhone


CASE B7-096163  Date 10-14-17   Time 1150-1210hrs

Sam’s Club North employees provided video surveillance that they suspect the w/m stole a new iPhone8 from the display case by prying it off.  They rpt that the female was with him, however didn’t taken anything.  They rpt they left in a silver van.  If you think you may know who they are, please leave a tip, here!

Ding Dong

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CASE B8-00548 on 1-18-18 between 1159-1218hrs

Vic rpt that as she pulled up to Kwik Shop, this guy door dinged her car door.  Vic rpt that he did offer to pay for the damage however, as she left, he followed her home.  Vic rpt that she asked him what he was doing and he displayed a handgun, then left to an unknown location.  Vic rpt he didn’t say anything to her.  Vic described him as approx 23 yr old h/m  “good looking”, and possibly high on drugs. Vic also rpt that he drove a newer light blue VW with tint on the license plates.  Kwik Shop provided video to police of this guy who is suspected of causing disturbance.  If you know who he is, please leave a tip, here!

Dump and Go

Cam 1_1 copyCam 1_3 copyCam 1_7 copy

CASE B7-117438  12-20-17- 1648-16544hrs

Family Dollar loc at 24/N st provided video to police of these two b/f’s in which the b/f with the white/red shirt is suspected of shoplifting.  Family Dollar staff rpt they obs her purse to be filled with items sticking out, and when they confronted her, she dumped some things out, then walked out the front door.  The b/f with her, is not suspected of taking anything.  If you recognize who they are, leave a tip, here!

Whiskey Run


CASE B7-099769 -10-26-17 @ 0310-0316hrs

Kwik Shop loc at 56/Holdrege provided video to police that they suspect this male of shoplifting 3 bottles of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey for a loss of  approx $90.  Staff rpt that the b/m entered the store and placed one bottle down his pants, then grab two more and run out of the store.   He was with a friend, another b/m  who was wearing a blk hoodie, red shirt, blk pants, and white Chuck Taylors.  If you know who this is, leave a tip ,here!

Jet Splash Cash


B7-109728 –11-25-17 between 2206-2330hrs

Jet Splash at near 27/Superior, provided video to police that they think this guy burglarized their  business.   After talking to other businesses in the area and reviewing video, they think the w/m drilled at the Pepsi machine, which he didn’t get into.  He then pried his way into the business, threw items around, then left with the cash drawer.  He was last seen getting into a white veh with a w/f . It appears he’s wearing a “Hurley” logo hat.  If he looks like someone you know, leave a tip, here!

Bad Scrip

Entrance Profile - 14.01.24 - 2Pharmacy PVM - 14.00.38Pharmacy PVM - 14.00.54Front Entrance - 14.00.01


Walgreen’s staff at 27/Vine, provided video surveillance of this guy who they claim tried to pass fraudulent prescriptions, one which was a narcotic. Walgreen’s rpt that the male also gave a false name.  Walgreen’s staff and the doctor who’s name was on the script confirmed that it was a fake prescription. If this guy looks familir to you, leave a tip, here!

LEVI’s Guy

Victim rpt that his wallet was stolen from his vehicle due to his doors being left unlocked and the windows down.  Victim rpt that his debit card was then used at Walmart, a gas station, Foot Locker, Finish Line, Natural Beauty, and Dillard’s, and charged almost $1900.  Walmart provided video surveillance of this guy who they suspect used the vic’s debit card in their store.  They rpt that he then ran away and hopped into a veh as a passenger.  If he looks familiar to you, please leave a tip here!

Bad Brotherly Love

Dillard’s Loss Prevention provided video surveillance of this young lady who they suspect shoplifted clothes from the men’s Polo section.  Dillard’s rpt that she claimed she was buying clothes for her brother.  Staff rpt that she then ran out of doors with the clothes, and left in a unknown veh.  If she looks familiar to you, please leave a tip, here!

L.A. Swiper

Victim rpt that she walked her child into school and left her purse inside of her unlocked and attended veh. Vic then realized that her purse had been taken and her card had been used.  Cornhusker Bank provided surveillance video of this man wearing a L.A. baseball cap, who they believe used the vic’s card to get $100 at an ATM loc at Guerrero’s Market.  If he looks familiar to you,  leave us a tip, here!

No Secrets Here

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Victoria’s Secret employees rpt and provided video surveillance to police of these two young ladies putting random sizes of clothing into their shopping bags and acting suspicious.  Staff rpt that the w/f with the ombre hair and red t-shirt, ran out of the store with a shopping bag full of items valued at approx $320. Her friend in the gray hoodie, handed over her shopping bag and ran after her friend.  Victoria’s Secret, would not like this incident kept a secret, so if you know who they are, we’d like to talk to them.  Leave us a tip, here!

Not Your IPad

A passerby noticed the door of Goodwill to be broken out.  Once police arrived and began investigating, Goodwill staff turned over this video to police that they suspect this guy used a brick to break a glass door then once inside, stole IPads and chargers.  If you think you may know who this is, or heard him bragging about this break-in, leave us a tip here!

Put a Sock In It!

Cam 37_2 copyCam 39_1 copyCam 32_5 copyCam 26_1 copy
Scheel’s Loss Prevention staff, turned over video to police and suspect a couple of them of shoplifting.  Scheel’s rpt that they obs they obs the b/m picking up items and giving them to the w/f.  Scheel’s rpt that the w/f and b/m took 3 pairs of NFL socks, then left the store without paying for them.  If you know who they are please let us know by leaving a tip,  here!

Smash n’ Smoke

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Case Number – B8-010595

LPD discovered the front door of the Asian City Market smashed in. They cleared the building but didn’t find anyone inside. Video was turned over that showed a male smashing out the door with a tire iron, stealing cigarettes and skidaddling. That video shows this guy as a suspect. If you think you know who this could be, help us out and drop a tip here!

Georgia on My Hoodie


Case Number – B7- 117403

The victim in this case works at Ace Hardware. While she was working, she recieved a phone call that someone was trying to use her card at Walgreens. She went back to the employee area and discovered her wallet had been stolen. Video was turned over to LPD which showed this suspect going back into the employee area. If you know who this person is help us out and leave a tip here!