“Put it in Reverse”

CASE B8-009388 DATE 2-1-18
Victim reports that her parked vehicle was struck by a vehicle at Walgreen’s located at 17/South.  Walgreen’s provided video to LPD that shows this man as a suspect involved in the hit the victim’s vehicle while backing up and caused $3000 in damages.  He then left without leaving his info or contacting the victim.  If you recognize who this is, leave a tip, here!

Watch out on the Back up


CASE B8-000965 DATE 1-4-18

EZ GO loc at 25/O st reported that there was a victim who suffered a twisted ankle trying to move out of the way by a vehicle backing up in the parking lot. EZ Go provided video to LPD that they suspect this male was driving a black suv, and left the area.  If you know who this might be, leave a tip, here!

KOHL’s Dash

CASE- B7-106023 DATE 11-14-17
Suspect in the black shirt has been identified!
Kohl’s reported that a couple females came in quickly, grabbed several items, and walked away without paying for approx $500 in clothes. Kohl’s reports they ran out of the store and left in a black Hyundai SUV.  Video was provided to LPD that showed these two females as suspects.  Have an idea who they are?, if so, leave a tip, here!

Aye Aye Captain, Come Back!


CASE B7-101960 DATE- 11-1-17 @ 2200-2205hrs

Kwik Shop reported that some males came in and stole approx $245 worth of Captain Morgan from the store and ran away.  Video was provided to LPD which shows these guys as suspects.  If you think you know who they are, please leave tip, here!

iSpy an iPhone


CASE B7-096163  Date 10-14-17   Time 1150-1210hrs

Sam’s Club North employees provided video surveillance that they suspect the w/m stole a new iPhone8 from the display case by prying it off.  They rpt that the female was with him, however didn’t taken anything.  They rpt they left in a silver van.  If you think you may know who they are, please leave a tip, here!

Ding Dong

Cam1 enter.0010 copyCam1 enter.0079 copyCam1 enter.0093 copy
CASE B8-005481 on 1-18-18 between 1159-1218hrs
Vic rpt that as she pulled up to Kwik Shop, this guy door dinged her car door.  Vic rpt that he did offer to pay for the damage however, as she left, he followed her home.  Vic rpt that she asked him what he was doing and he displayed a handgun, then left to an unknown location.  Vic rpt he didn’t say anything to her.  Vic described him as approx 23 yr old h/m  “good looking”, and possibly high on drugs. Vic also rpt that he drove a newer light blue VW with tint on the license plates.  Kwik Shop provided video to police of this guy who is suspected of causing disturbance.  If you know who he is, please leave a tip, here!

Dump and Go

Cam 1_1 copyCam 1_3 copyCam 1_7 copy

CASE B7-117438  12-20-17- 1648-16544hrs

Family Dollar loc at 24/N st provided video to police of these two b/f’s in which the b/f with the white/red shirt is suspected of shoplifting.  Family Dollar staff rpt they obs her purse to be filled with items sticking out, and when they confronted her, she dumped some things out, then walked out the front door.  The b/f with her, is not suspected of taking anything.  If you recognize who they are, leave a tip, here!