Sheets Happen

Cropped from PART-10556214 - Target still imagePOS - Guest Service - PV - 6.40.56 - 1.31-7.20POS - Guest Service - PV - 6.41.28 - 2.04-7.20POS - Guest Service - PV - 7.01.28 - .45-4.45

CASE  B8-089336   DATE  8-22-18

TARGET located at N 48 reported a fraud and provided video to police of this female.  They report she entered the store and selected two bed sheet sets.  She then tried to return the sheets, however, she didn’t have a receipt, so she was declined to return them.  The sheets were then given back to her, and she left without ever paying for them.  If you know her, leave a tip, here!