Nice Try Tie Dye

ENTRANCE_GENERAL_MERCHANDISE_01 - 6.46.16 - .04-.30ENTRANCE_GENERAL_MERCHANDISE_01 - 6.46.37 - .26-.30EPVM_INFANT_FORMULA_01 - 7.02.07 - .39-.57

EXIT_GARDEN_CENTER_01 - 6.41.09 - .09-.15EXTERIOR_DRIVE_AISLE_10 - 6.41.14 - .20-29.45

CASE   B8-066749    DATE 7-21-18

WALMART located at 87/Andermatt reported a shoplift and provided video to police of this woman.  They report that she entered the store and selected several items, then walked out past the registers without paying.  She was confronted by staff and said her husband had a receipt, then left the items, and got into a white Jeep.  If you know her, leave a tip, here!