Ridin’ Dirty

Entrance - Grocery Vestibule - 3.50.18 - .14-.24Exit - Vestibule - 4.06.56 - .24-.27Exit - Vestibule - 4.06.57 - .25-.27Guest Service - 4.03.55 - 4.44-6.23
CASE B8-074800   DATE 8-14-18
TARGET located at 40/Yankee Hill reported a shoplift and provided video to police of this woman.  They report that she walked into the store and used a motorized scooter to get around and grabbed  a pot and pan set, ear cleaning kit, a trash can, and supplements.  She then rolled past the registers and out of the store without paying.  She left in a white vehicle.  If you know who she is, leave a tip, here!