Friend of a friend

Entry_And_Exit_GC - 12.28.48GC ENTRY AND EXIT 01 - 12.28.40GC ENTRY AND EXIT 01 - 12.28.43GC ENTRY AND EXIT 01 - 12.28.44GM ENTRY AND EXIT 04 - 12.51.07GM ENTRY AND EXIT 04 - 12.51.08

CASE B8-044381, B8-040743, B8-042814    DATE 5-15-18

WALMART located at N.85 st reported a shoplift and provided video to police of this woman.  They reported that she entered the store with another female who has been identified.  They report that she also selected several items then walked out of the store without paying for anything.  If you think you know her, leave a tip, here!