Riding Dirty

CAM 1 - ch01 (ENTR) - 1.45.05CAM 5 - ch05(HBA) - 1.49.55CAM 7 - ch07(LNDRY) - 1.47.21

CASE B8-021809  DATE 3-14-18

FAMILY DOLLAR located at 24/N st reported a shoplift and provided video to police of this man.  They report he came into the store twice, when he was seen taking items and putting them into his pockets.  He tried to pay for a few things, however, his card was declined. They report that he was confronted about stealing and gave some items back, he then left the store and was last seen leaving in a black 2-door vehicle and the driver was trying to tell him to give the stolen items back but he refused. If you think you may know him, leave a tip here!