Maxed Out

COSMETICS_EPVM_3 - 16.06.02 (2)DIABETIC_EPVM_1 - 15.12.04 (2)FORMULA_EPVM_2 - 15.53.02 (2)GM ENTRY AND EXIT 04 - 15.11.14 - 2 (2)

CASE B8-025219   DATE 3-25-18

WALMART located at N 85 reported a shoplift and provided video to police of this couple.  They reported that they came into the store and made some returns, then started grocery shopping.  They report that they picked out things and the female put them inside of reusable bags like they had been purchased.  They were confronted by loss prevention after they made some purchases using the gift card, however left the store without paying for the rest of the items.