Counterfeit Crew

Female #1Female #2femaleMale

Case Numbers – B8-003649/B8-003655/B8-003671/B8-006685

In the prior post, five pictures were posted.  The female wearing a red coat and the male with the baseball hat/label 424 have been identified and have contacted LPD.  These individuals and their white suburban are not involved in the events.  Thank you for helping us to locate these witnesses.  The information they provided have assisted law enforcement to move forward with this investigation.  LPD would still like to make contact with the other three individuals (2 females with ball caps, and 1 male without ball cap).  Video evidence will be reviewed to see if clearer images are available for future tips.

Original Post:
It has been reported to LPD that the five people pictured above have been passing counterfeit $100 bills at numerous Target stores in Lincoln and Omaha. They are suspected to be traveling in the above red SUV and white Suburban. If you think you recognize these people or have any information at all, help us stop their bogus bill binge by leaving us a tip here!