Pants Party

Cropped from provided still image - Exit - Vestibule {AP 037}_2017-09-16_17h51min20s460ms (9_16_2017 5_51_34 PM)Liquor - 5.48.48Liquor - 5.49.21Liquor - 5.48.09Cropped from provided still image - Exterior - PL Front #4 {AP 2013} (9_16_2017 5_53_06 PM).jpg - Windows Photo View
Case #B7-084817
Target at 333 N 48th reported a shoplift after a customer concealed two bottles of vodka and exited the store without paying for it.  When contacted the customer handed over the alcohol and left prior to the arrival of police.  Video turned over to LPD has this male who was a passenger in this blue Pontiac with Nebraska license plates.  If you recognize this person, leave us his name Here!!