Cold Storage

CAM 1 - ch01 FRT DOOR - 5.16.53 CAM 7 - ch07 LAUNDRY - 5.37.25 CAM 7 - ch07 LAUNDRY - 5.37.26 CAM 7 - ch07 LAUNDRY - 5.38.46CAM 11 - ch11 RECEIVE - 5.38.22
Case # B7-047387
Dollar General, 2310 N 1st St, reported a customer entered the store and began placing items in her cart.  The customer moved the items from the cart into a cooler, and attempted to pay for the cooler at the register.  She refused to open the cooler and exited the store leaving behind the cooler and it’s contents. Video turned over to LPD has this female as a possible suspect.  If you know who she is please, leave your tip Here!