Clothing Frenzy Part 2

Sales Floor - 02.08 - 2 Sales Floor - 03.29 - 2 Sales Floor - 02.08 Sales Floor - 02.08 - 3 Sales Floor 2 - 00.07 Sales Floor 2 - 6.05.30 

Case # B6-112631

Victoria’s Secret at 6100 O St (Gateway Mall) has been a victim to shoplifts from different groups of people  including a prior post, Clothing Frenzy.   Employees recogized a group of possible suspects from a previous shoplift and observed them shoplifting again.  They called the police but all three possible suspects left the area prior to the arrival of the police.  Video turned over to LPD has these three females as possible suspects, with one more possible suspect not pictured.  If you have any information for the case, leave it Here!!