GM ENTRY AND EXIT 01 - 07.16.11 - female - 1 GM ENTRY AND EXIT 01 - 07.16.11 - female - 2 EXTERIOR_FRONT_CROSSWALK_GAR - 7.16.04 - car back and Susp 3
Case # B6-077587
Wal-Mart at 3400 N 85th reported a shoplift where a man and woman took several items including clothing, medicine, and a stereo subwoofer and left without paying for them.  They placed them in a basket, and the male ran out of the store through a fire escape.  The female went out the front doors and all the left the area prior to the arrival of the police.  Video turned over to LPD has this female as a possible suspect and they left in a red Chevy Aveo.  The male has been cited but she hasn’t been identified.  If you know her, leave her name Here!!